4. Second Gen – 1/2 Oz/US

The current influx of overseas bloodlines (mainly sires) into Australia has not been equalled since the eighties when we had numerous Irish sires arrive here, including genetic superstars Waverly Supreme, Tivoli Dreamer and a decade earlier, Which Chariot

The general feeling is that if they are worth their salt, we will see a son or two of theirs take over the reins as we did with the aforementioned trio from Ireland.

Waverly Supreme>Chariot Supreme>Shining Chariot .. Waverly Supreme>Malawi>Malawi’s Prince .. Tivoli Dreamer>Tivoli Chief>Temlee .. Which Chariot>Takiri .. Which Chariot>Mister Moss

These days, the sires themselves aren’t being imported as we avail ourselves of the ‘new’ technology of Frozen Semen but the expectation is still the same. Recently, frozen semen from Irish superstar Spiral Nikita arrived here and it has left two sons that are ‘paying their way’ in Cosmic Rumble and Oaks Road … and we’re already seeing the early success of another son of an import in Fernando Bale (a son of US sire Kelso’s Fusileer)

If we have a look at the leading imports available via FS, which of their sons could take over their reins ? .. to be fair, from a stud perspective, many of these sires are relatively new to our shores, so you would expect that the list will grow considerably with the bulk of their progeny fairly young and still racing .. so as far as their stud careers in Australia go, it is early days

Kinloch Brae – Blazin Bomber, Brad Hill Billy, Moreira
Bella Infrared – Aussie Infrared, Myrniong Corner
KC And All – Degani, Bernardo
Djays Octane – Mr Pupparazzi
SH Avatar – Matt Machine

Updated Jan 2018