3. Irish Sires

The Irish sire has historically been the traditional choice for an outcross by Australian breeders. That has changed in recent times with the introduction and success of the American sires here and compounded by the success of Australian sires in Ireland. The Australian sire’s dominance over there has made it difficult to obtain a fully Irish bred sire for Australian breeders to use as a complete outcross.

The question as to whether that is important is always going to be dependent upon the other side of the equation .. and that is the landscape surrounding the Australian broodbitch. The imports have had a major impact on Australian breeding and as a consequence we are now looking at completely different pedigrees when assessing today’s broodbitches, as compared to years gone by.

The ever increasing amount of imported blood in those pedigrees may mean Australian breeders could be looking at taking the next step in moving towards what we’ve always believed will be the look of the future and that is the ‘melting pot’ pedigree .. relatively equal amounts of Australian, American and Irish ‘blood’ in their progeny and of course the best of each

We still believe that all the main countries have plenty to offer including the Irish and to that end we are monitoring the Irish sires with an eye to the future – STAY TUNED

Update April 2019