Djay’s Octane

Djays Octane

Wh & Bk. Dec 2006

Flying Penske x One More Secret
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The 34kg white and black son of Flying Penske is regarded as producing some of the hardest chasing greyhounds in America and as a consequence has easily been the busiest sire there over the last two years
He was a great track dog and raced at America’s top track, Southland winning 35 of his 75 starts.
Won Southland Razorback
2nd Southland Derby
3rd Festival Stakes
3rd Southland Inaugural
With his oldest litter whelped in March 2010 and in his third season at stud, he’s moved to second position on US sires list  and he hasn’t done it on the back of big numbers. In his first year at stud he only served 10 bitches (64 pups) and in his second year he served just 20 bitches (129 pups) so to become the busiest sire in the US from an extremely limited number of litters really says a lot about his ability to produce.
The progeny from those formative years have hit the tracks with a bang to the extent that he had 522 pups on the ground in his third year and 779 the year after.
Over the last few years he has be dueling for US sires supremacy with the outstanding pace sire KC And All. Octane finished 2015 as the 2nd best sire on the US sires list and in 2017 he gained the coveted position as America’s top sire
Kiowa Mon Manny and Djays Octane along with other Penske sons in Pat C Clement, NMS Sweet Thing and grandsons, 2012 All American Captain, Bella Infrared and Iowa trackstar SH Avatar have contributed to this sireline serving nearly one third of all US bitches mated in 2014/2015.
In Australia, his top progeny include the flying Mr Pupparazzi, NSW stayer Frekey, Lucky Tetris, Stratosphere, Shantui, Ride Ain’t Over, Alera Bale etc
Djays Octane’s US progeny include:
AMF Sleekstrangr – Track Record holder and dominated at Wheeling Downs in 2015 winning 26 races in AA – All American (2nd team) 2015
Boc’s Blast Off – All American (2nd team), Won Bluffs Run Derby, 3rd Iowa Breeders Cons.
Boc’s Sailfish – Won 2015 Bluffs Run Secretary’s Choice Stake
SE’s Jet Fuel – Won 2012 Southland RLC Stakes
Gigawatt – 2014 Southland Razorback Classic winner
Dutch Rudy – James Patton Silver Cup finalist at Orange Park
JS Big Mack – Flying youngster from Palm Beach
JS Speedypebbles – Won 13 of first 16 at Palm Beach inc Dick Andrews Futurity