American Sires

2015 Sire Final Standings

  1. Kiowa Mon Manny (Flying Penske)     2584 pups ……… 765 wins
  2. Djays Octane (Flying Penske)                1494 pups ……… 640 wins
  3. Kiowa Sweet Trey (Oswald Cobblepot) 3506 pups ……… 602 wins
  4. Rhythmless (Jimbo Scotty)                      1797 pups ……… 422 wins
  5. BD’S Grayson (Dodgem By Design)       1465 pups ……… 388 wins
  6. KC And All (Gable Dodge)                        607 pups ……… 333 wins
  7. Flying Coal City (Kiowa Sweet Trey)     692 pups ……… 292 wins
  8. Pat C Clement (Flying Penske)               630 pups ……… 257 wins
  9. Trent Lee (Brett Lee*)                        1269 pups ……… 240 wins
  10. Flying Penske (Oshkosh Racey)            1613 pups ……… 210 wins
  11. Bella Infrared (Kiowa Mon Manny)      274 pups ……… 200 wins
  12. Kelso’s Fusileer (Gable Dodge)            1508 pups ……… 184 wins
  13. Dragon Fire (Brett Lee*)                        1417 pups ……… 181 wins
  14. Lonesome Cry (Gable Dodge)               2438 pups ……… 164 wins
  15. Kiowa WW Brother (Flying Penske)     594 pups ……… 140 wins
  16. Soprano Drive (TNT Start Wars)          492 pups ……… 133 wins
  17. Aerial Battle (Dodgem By Design)         76 pups ……….. 99 wins
  18. Gable Sour Cream (Gable Oscar)         781 pups ……….. 98 wins
  19. Defrim Bale* (Bartrim Bale)                200 pups ……….. 87 wins
  20. Fuzzys Cannon (Minaki Zeke)              661 pups ……….. 75 wins

As well as being on the list himself at #10, Flying Penkse is also the best represented sire/sireline on the 2015 list with 4 sons in the top 20 including the top two sires, Kiowa Mon Manny and Djays Octane.

Gable Dodge produced three sons in the top 20 including Fernando Bale’s sire Kelso’s Fusileer but is also the grand sire of three more via Gable Oscar and Dodgem By Design (2)

Leading sire Kiowa Mon Manny also has a son on the list with the ill-fated Bella Infrared finishing in 11th position

Australian sires/sirelines were reasonably well represented, with imported sire Defrim Bale* climbing to 19th on the standings, while Brett Lee has two sons performing well in Trent Lee and Dragon Fire and Rhythmless also has an Aussie connection via his sire Jimbo Scotty, who is by Star Chariot.

Another interesting point is that only 6 sires in the top 20 are currently living.

2015 Dam Final Standings

  1. Need a Date (Get Over x Nothing But Fine) 97
  2. Casino Zada (Lonesome Cry x Bow Hellbent) 73
  3. O Ya Queenie (Lonesome Cry x Waitintogowild) 70
  4. CBJ Jordy Brown (Dodgem By Design x Regall Rosebud) 68
  5. Forever Together (Lonesome Cry x Valoris) 61
  6. Operation Scorch (Oshkosh Slammer x Trish Status) 52
  7. Flying Ablaze (Flying Hydrogen x Blazin Alma) 49
  8. Boc’s MC Raisen (Dox Out of Peace x Miss Reta Scott) 48
  9. Chasmo’s Layla (Lonesome Cry x Chasmo’s Shaney) 48
  10. Sweetest Revenge (Fortified Power x MN’s Indigo Girl) 46
  11. Super C Alexis (DK’s Prime Time x Primco Aces Eye 45
  12. Kiowa Lady Girl (Kiowa Sweet Trey x Rooftop Ladybug) 41
  13. Cantrell (Kiowa Sweet Trey x Sheeza Rocket) 40
  14. Face Value (Mulberry Gus x Iruska Molly B) 39
  15. Gretchen Oswalt (Lonesome Cry x Trayton’s Baby) 39
  16. Atascocita Reese (Dodgem By Design x Atascocita Ally) 37
  17. KB’s Turbo Toes (Lonesome Cry x Fuzzys Bobcat) 37
  18. BD Goldilocks (Craigie Whistler x BD Golden Girl) 36
  19. Super C Arias (DK’s Prime Time x Primco Aces Eye) 35
  20. Atascocita Susie (Dodgem By Design x Atascocita Ally) 34
  21. Lady Antebellum (Kiowa Sweet Trey x D’s Lacey) 33
  22. Bella Basil (Lonesome Cry x Bella Rhapsody 32
  23. Boc’s Miss Rodeo (Flare Gun x Boc’s Rodeo Queen) 32
  24. Jax Opal (Craigie Whistler x Jax Clark Bar) 32
  25. Oshkosh Icee (Kiowa Sweet Trey x Oshkosh Buttons) 32

Here’s a quick run down of the progeny of some  of 2015’s top US matrons

Leading broodbitch for 2015, Need A Date was represented on the track by two superstars in Need My Moneynow and Seldom Told. Both made the first All American team in 2015 and both excelled at The Gulf track in Texas.

Need My Moneynow (by No More Loving) was the Gulf track champion with a sparkling 39 wins and 10 placings from 49 starts as well as setting the track record. With win streaks of 8, 9 and 14 straight during the year, he was invited to the 2016 Daytona 550 in January 2016, which he won running down early leader Husker Magic. His older ½ brother, Seldom Told (by Trent Lee) set a new track record at Gulf (later lowered by his half-brother), then tied his brother’s track record later in the year. The 38kg giant was on the second All American team in 2014 and also earned an invite to the 2016 Daytona 550 held in January

Casino Zada (#2) produced the 2015 All American team Captain in Husker Magic (x Rhythmless). Racing out of Derby Lane in Florida she won the 2015 Daytona 550 and went down narrowly in 2016 when caught close to the line by Need My Moneynow. The powerful fawn bitch was also a 2014 All American team member and in 2015 won 41 of 57 starts with an amazing overall career record of 96 race wins

More to follow

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